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Worldwide access to total your C.A.T. gain overview

Worldwide access to your C.A.T trading pairs statistics

CatWeb is ideal for people who want to keep an eye on how their C.A.T. is doing while away. If you travel a lot or want to check your C.A.T. while at work, CatWeb is an ideal solution for you. It also offers additional features like total gain graph to C.A.T.


Send 0.1 BTC to 1Kf7CbttPTihSymrbJQ42Bt3eaFbjAuj3M, the transaction id and your Cryptsy public trading key via PM to the application developer, HCLivess. Please first send an IM to negotiate the actual trade, because I may be on vacation/unavailable. CatWeb is currently only available for Windows.

In return, your key will be added to the global license to alow you running CatWeb. You will also receive life-time access to all future versions and 50% discount on any future projects. The planned features include:

Trading pairs statistics and graphs

Log maintenance

Error and market log analysis


Get C.A.T. from Sampey and learn how to use it.

Move the files you have received from me into the folder where your C.A.T. file is. Run catweb.exe, then go to your browser and type http://localhost:8080 to confirm that CatWeb is running. Be aware that CatWeb will not be capable of running in case you do not run the actual C.A.T software in advance.

If you want to access CatWeb from other locations than your private network, you also need to have a public IP address and your ports forwarded to the machine where CatWeb is running.


In case of any problems, you can always contact me through the BitcoinTalk forums P.M. If you run into trouble with graph drawing, it is recommended that you restart the application and delete /static/graph.png file. This will not be necessary unless you manipulate log files manually.

Live demo of the latest version:

Interface demo:


Engine demo:


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